Private Label Razors


Portal, with extensive experience and contacts in the private label blade industry contacted Dorco, a fast growing Korean manufacturer in 2004 with the idea of entering the European market. Due to high investment required the number of suppliers is limited to two well-established brands, Gillette, and Wilkinson Sword as well as Persona, an American private label manufacturer.

Market Definition

Dorco were keen to use our local knowledge and languages to enter the Italian market. We used our existing relationship with a local distributor and sales force to establish a network of retailers. A national market research study was then conducted to measure demand for the private label business.

Based on research and industry contacts two type of retailers were indentified:

    • Regional supermarket chains
    • Hard discounters

Product Definition

We then helped Dorco determine the best products to launch based on local buying habits and legislation. We worked with their Italian distributor to successfully introduce twin blade, 3B blade and 6B systems in various large Italian retailers.

Dorco has since launched a sophisticated range of products that include, twin blade, triple blade disposables, 3,4 and an innovative 6B blade system razor blade that allowed it to leapfrog Gillette in terms of technical specification.


We helped coordinate forecasts and manage supply chain with Dorco and our Italian distributor who then ship product to the relevant retailer.

Sales and Marketing Support


Growth has increased 20% year on year since launch in 2005. Independent product tests were used to prove that the quality was comparable to leading brands. We worked with the local distributor to coordinate merchandising and promotional campaigns to increase incremental sales and promote the quality, innovative products and the wide range of new men’s and women’s products available.

The introduction of the lady’s product in the spring promotion has proved successful and has led to the possibility of new product introductions.

Portal has on going projects which we are evaluating strategy to enter other European markets (e.g. Spain, Germany, UK) and an European e-commerce project.