Market Definition:

  • Size, distribution channels, competitors
  • Identification of opportunities

Product Development:
  • Adapt and refine client’s products to local market
  • Advise on local legislation, labeling and packaging
  • Co-ordinate technical support and QA requirements


  • Identification of agents and distributor
  • Recruitment, sales training and organization

Marketing Support

  • Advertising, P.R
  • Promotions and merchandising
  • Collateral material: sales aids, P.O.S


  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Stock control


  • Create and manage e-commerce website
  • Website Development & Implementation
  • Creation of on e-commerce platform
  • Setting up of warehousing and fulfillment centers
  • Sending product internationally
  • Managing client support

Office Base

  • Advise on tax, legal, accounting
  • Communications and after-sales-service